Why Women Of All Ages Should Use Lubes
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Why Women Of All Ages Should Use Lubes

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Was there ever a time when you refused to have sex with your boyfriend because you were tired or perhaps, feeling some kind of pain below the belt? Whatever the reason, there will always be moments when you feel dry down below and intercourse might be the last thing on your mind. This is where lube comes in handy, for these substances are touted to enhance the sexual experience.

Obviously, the topic of lubes is still a bit awkward to discuss in the open, thanks to mainstream social media which tends to make people believe that only older women need lubes for sex and that younger women are always abundantly lubricated. Would that also mean that the young and irresistible Darwin Escorts have no need for lubrication when they do business as usual?

What Are Lubricants?

We know that menopausal women experience vaginal dryness simply because as they age, their oestrogen levels decrease. And so, they need lubrication in order to enjoy pain-free sexual encounter. Partly right, but then again, sex experts say that lubes benefit not only women but also men, whatever their ages.

So, what exactly is a lubricant? This is the sticky stuff you use that adds moisture so that things just slide or glide and make the sensation smooth and slippery, so that people enjoy pleasurable and comfortable sex.

Despite the massive articles and literature on the Web about lube and its contribution to safe sex, there’s still this myth that lubricants are needed only to ‘fix a problem’. Although younger and healthy women also go through ‘sexual drought’, many of them don’t seek medical help for fear of ridicule or shame. Now, this article hopes to dispel such myth.

The Benefits Of Lubes

Based on a 2013 study involving 2,451 women whose ages ranged from between 18 and 68, a majority of them favoured lubes, meaning, they felt good with wet sex. Further, they claimed that sex was more pleasurable and comfortable when using lubrication.

Not only women are reacting positively towards lubes but, men likewise claim that aside from enhancing sexual pleasure, lubes protect the fragile tissues in the penis and vagina from abrasion or damage.

Lubes contribute to longer-lasting copulation because couples are enjoying much the smoothness of the experience. Above all, men’s erections last longer, too, because the sensations are intensified.

Things To Remember Before You Use Your Lube

● Compatibility- Make sure your lube goes well with your sex gadget as well as your boyfriend’s condom. Silicone-made toys are best paired with water-based lubes. Silicone-based lubes are safe to use with latex condoms.

● Allergic reactions – If it’s your first time to use, check any possibility of an allergy by simply conducting a patch test. Read labels carefully to know the lube’s composition, even if the label says ‘hypoallergenic’.

● No assurance of protection – Because of the absence of spermicidal content, lubes don’t assure protection from unwanted pregnancies or transmission of sex-related infections. To be sure, you still need protection.

● Several choices – There are generally four types to choose from: water-based, oil-based, petroleum-based and silicone lubricants. Experts recommend the water-based types, a popular choice since they are safe for sex and with toys, cheaper, non-staining, easy wash-off, helps nourish vaginal tissues, and may be ingested in small quantities.

Ask any of the veteran Darwin Escorts what their favourite brands of lube are. Maybe, that’s what you should try.

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