What, No Orgasm? Find Out The Naked Truth
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What, No Orgasm? Find Out The Naked Truth

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At your age (twenty-something), have you been with several men or women for that matter? If so, then you must have orgasmed a hundred times. But, what if you haven’t or if you miraculously did, was that only a single time as you remembered? Something must be wrong!

If you want to know more about orgasm, who else can shed light on the topic but the splendid Darwin Escorts? Of course, they have vast experiences in the sack as professional courtesans, and that makes them a credible authority on anything sex-related.

You may have had serious relationships in the past, explored a hundred and one types of dildos, encountered numerous one-night stands as well as casual hookups. And you say you’re still not aroused? That you didn’t achieve the Big O? Well, well, let’s hear what the sexperts have to say.

The Naked Truth About Orgasm

First and foremost, nothing is wrong with you. According to sex/health therapists, age is a big factor like, younger ladies are less likely to get regular orgasms as compared to those who are in their thirties. Further, research shows that they tend to orgasm when they are in a steady relationship than when in a casual hookup. Another factor is, male partners in their twenties may not be as adept and generous as their more older counterparts.

Second, using vibrators doesn’t always lead you to orgasms. Your own sexual state of mind has to do with that, for instance, you’re absolutely relaxed and has nothing else on your mind. Now, you’re watching porn by your lonesome and when you become horny, it’s not due to the vibe. Bottom line here is, no one’s forcing you but, it’s your own state of mind that helped turn you on when you watched smut.

Nonetheless, not all vibrators are created equal. What may work for others may be useless to you. Should you fancy one, experts recommend the multi-speed dial type so you can switch the intensity and determine what feels good on you.

Masturbation = Orgasm?

It sure helps, if you know how to do it right. Here’s your guide:

● Spare the clit – If yours is a very hypersensitive clitoris, avoid direct contact. Meaning, there has to be a barrier that even if you don’t stroke it directly, you still get aroused. Use a soft, thin cloth together with a vibe so as to make the sensation less intense and painless.

● Rubbing might be more pleasurable – If the pressure of dry fucking suits you, then rubbing or rocking might be effective instead of vibrating. Explore rubbing your vulva against anything solid but safe like the tip of your ankle, your guy’s thigh, even the bed pole.

Undoubtedly, females take a lot longer to orgasm than males, and sadly, they give up after more than 20 minutes of trying. Darwin Escorts suggest you take plenty of time to relax, be thoroughly aroused, then get the friction going. You’re on your way to the biggest orgasm ever!

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