Understanding the Client/Escort Relationship
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Understanding the Client/Escort Relationship

Darwin escorts are well sought after for their sophistication and elegance. These courtesans make it a point to please their man. Understanding the client/escort relationship is a great way to return that pleasure to your escort. This kind of transaction is a way to keep everything in business and executed as professionally as possible. Here are some of the rules that you might want to consider when going out with an escort.

  • Respect for one another. That statement alone is self explanatory. Having respect for one another as a human being is something that is important in your relationship. Respecting the each other’s privacy, inhibitions, time and basically his/her whole being.
  • You are emotionally attached to your escort for a period of time. Remember that she is with you for only a couple of hours. Within those times her utmost attention is on you and by the time it is over, a client must never get in touch with her unless he is initiated to.
  • Never transact anything that involves money besides your usual transaction. Do not lend her money. One thing is that you are going to be attached to the escort if you do so. It might be that she has intentions that could harm your interests. Remember not to be attached to your escort.
  • Never question her prices. Haggling is a form of disrespect that questions her morale. Every woman in the world takes high regard for themselves. By haggling you imply that she is a degrading woman that has low standards. Do not embarrass yourself and transact as professional as possible.
  • Never get involved with each other’s private life. Privacy is very important in this relationship. It is why some escorts opt to edit their photos on their profiles and best kept that way. There can be a handful of complications if the both of you intermingle with your privacy. It is alright to talk about it but never bluntly divulge any information that could harm your privacy and vice versa.

These are some of the rules that you need to follow to render a good client/escort dynamic. But most importantly, when going out on a date with these ladies, just be yourself. Remember that she is here for business and you are good to go.

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