The Role of Respect for Darwin Escorts
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The Role of Respect for Darwin Escorts

Respect is a virtue that needs to be seen by all escort clients. It is the basis for creating a good client-escort relationship. If you are reading this article, you are on your way to become a good client to these wonderful courtesans. Let us know how respect plays a major role within this dynamic relationship.

  • Respect for the escort. Respecting her as an individual is very important for a client. Some people out there think that escorts are commodities that they can utilize. Remember that she is also a human being that has feelings and inhibitions. It takes a degree of maturity to understand this. That is why most working girls do not accept clients that are younger than 30.


  • Respect for escorts time. As we all know, the escorting service is a business that needs to be kept on track. Whether your partner of choice is working for an agency or independent escort you have to respect the fact that she is only with you for a limited time. You could happily extend your hours together but if she has prior engagements, then make up for lost time and book her longer next time. Also, if you are going to meet up be sure to arrive on time, not too early or too late. It is rude to keep her waiting and she is also losing money. We all know that escorts sell their time to their clients and lost time is lost profit.


  • Respect her boundaries.  There is a common misconception that escorts do all sexual favors the client requests but this is not true. Escorts indeed have limitations when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom. It may be that their agency restricts them to do certain fetishes, etc. or simply because they are not comfortable doing so. There are escorts out there that purely offer GFFE (girlfriend experience) and do just that, nothing more, nothing less. Do not ask anything that is restricted because an obvious answer would be “no”.

There are many benefits in being a “favorite client” for escorts. There are services that are only available for trusted clients such as overnight and weekend accommodations, overseas trips and tours and a whole lot more. So make your escorts feel wanted and loved and you will be forever rewarded with excellent service.

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