The Coolest Places to Have Hotel Sex (Apart From Your Room)
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The Coolest Places to Have Hotel Sex (Apart From Your Room)

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Regardless of whether you’re at the Holiday Inn, Hilton, Best Western, The Intercontinental or any hotel out there, there’s just something extra special about having sex at a hotel. However, why just limit yourself to the confines of your own room, when you can do it elsewhere? Not sure which floor button to push? Here are a couple of cool places to bone at a hotel.

Whether you’ve checked in the hotel with your girlfriend, or with the lovely Darwin Escorts, bathrooms are great places for risky yet exciting sexual escapades. Not only are they private, but once you’ve finished, you can easily fix your hair, wash that lipstick off your face, and quickly dress up before reappearing in public!

While stairwells are obviously not the most convenient (and most comfortable)of places to have sex, your safest bet is to do it standing on a corner landing, equidistant from the doors to the floors above and below you (I don’t even know what “equidistant” means!).

This sex position gives you the most time to act natural in case someone shows up. Remember that stairwells are often littered with surveillance cameras. Thus make sure you do it quickly, or else the security guards will certainly have a heyday watching, and recording, your every moves!

While stopping an elevator in a very busy hotel for a quickie is, at best, a very dubious proposition, the truth is that a lot of people do it! And like stairwells, elevators have CCTV cameras too. So, to decrease the likelihood of your trysts ending up on the Internet, you may want to try using the service elevator, since there aren’t always cameras there!

Swimming Pools
Swimming pools are also cool and exciting places to have hotel sex. But if you worry that someone might see you and your partner, you could skip the pool and head straight over to the hot tub.

Many hotels today often have some sort of rooftop experience, whether it be a bar or swimming pool. Just make sure you and your girlfriend, or hot and alluring Darwin Escorts, find a quiet corner and make sure to dress for easy access! But if you are visiting warm-weather destination (like the Caribbean or Asia), why not make the most of the great outdoors, by having sex behind a tree!

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