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Darwin Escorts – Summer Road Sex: Send It Overdrive With These 5 Easy Steps

Summers are always looked forward to because it means doing all the enjoyable activities under the sun, and inside the car, too. This is the season to go on long exciting road trips, sing at the top of your voice with your gang or with your favourite play list, feed on crunchy junk food, and […]

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Darwin Escorts – The Secret to Impressing Women

It can’t be helped that you’d have an idea about what women want – or you think you do. Whatever preconceived notions you may have had, they’re likely not up to date. Times are changing after all, caution the sexy courtesans at Darwin Escorts. Women these days are looking at more than the superficial things. […]

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Darwin Escorts – There’s Some Art In BDSM

Are you and your partner into BDSM? After ’50 Shades of Grey’ you may not be aware but plenty of couples out there have come out in the open saying that they have been into the practise long before such controversial movie was shown. And alas – not just a few dominant males have voiced […]

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Darwin Escorts – Top Benefits of Hiring an Escort

It’s true that there are quite a number of men turning to escort services, for any number of reasons – from being too busy to commit to a relationship, to wanting to experience being with a different partner. If you’re one of these, there’s no need to worry. Engaging any of the gorgeous vixens at […]

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Darwin Escorts – Erotic Roleplay Ideas

When it comes to sexual experimentation, erotic role play is one of the hardest aspects, but it’s very fulfilling when you can pull it off. The sexy babes featured in the pages of Darwin Escorts are no strangers to experimentation in the bedroom, including role play. So if you’re short of ideas for your next […]

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Darwin Escorts – Pleasure on All Levels

There’s no denying that a number of men have been steadily turning to escort services, if they’re available – and for a number of reasons. Maybe they’re too busy to commit to a relationship, they want something other than what their partners can provide, and so on. The sexy ladies at Darwin Escorts know this, […]

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Darwin Escorts Stories: The 1,000th Man

He was as I expected, a normal white-collared man. Aren’t they all? By now, I should have known. He was nothing special, both on looks and the physique department. He was charming, I’ll give him that, but a bit too reserved too. He looked like someone who hasn’t had sex in a long-time. He’s probably […]

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Darwin Escorts – 3 Myths About Sex That Many Therapists Often View As Gospel Truth

What’s a  “therapist” and how helpful are they in solving the issues and concerns in your life?  A therapist is defined as “a special kind of doctor who works with a person/s if they have problems, or aren’t getting along”. Thus, if you and your partner are having problems in bed, then you call a […]

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Darwin Escorts – The Best Things to Say to Your Woman In Bed

Aside from being visual, women are verbal creatures at heart. No wonder they find time to read erotica, get hooked on soaps and admire men with foreign accents. All of these make them feel the same way every time we spot a woman with huge tits. In sex, even the simplest of words can arouse […]

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Darwin Escorts – Sexting Tips To Prevent You From Sounding Like A Stalker

Thank God for smart phones. Not only could you easily surf the Worldwide Web and pay your bills, shop in the comfort of home, and do you research, but you could also easily get down and sleazy with practically everyone! And since we all want to have sex with any hot and sexy lady we […]

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Darwin Escorts and BDSM – 3 Exciting Toys To Play Around With

Today, couples have at least begun to explore BDSM and find ways to add a few elements of it to their love routine. If you want to play with this kind of kink but aren’t sure how to go about it, the ladies showcased in the pages of Darwin Escorts will be more than happy […]

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