Sex Positions That Only Fitness Buffs Should Attempt
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Sex Positions That Only Fitness Buffs Should Attempt

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A conventional bedroom romp may leave you and your lady hot and sweaty, but in truth, it does not actually get as much calorie burn or muscle building prowess as that of a gym session. Many sex experts also say that most of the sex is ultimately planks and squats. But, for somebody who wants to mix it up or make a sport out of sex, there are actually a lot of opportunities for that! However, these sex positions are only recommended for serious fitness buffs, and not for lanky amateurs.

Glute Bridge Woman on Top

If you’re looking to do something hot and acrobatic with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts, perhaps you could try this move in bed tonight! First, find a firm ottoman or large cushion which can support your back.

With your feet on the floor, press up through your heels into a glute bridge, and then your lady straddles you so she’s on top with her feet flat on the floor. Using her core, quads, glutes and hamstrings, she then squats up and down!


A good workout tests your sense of balance, and so does this sex move. To do it, your lady starts on all fours, and you lift her up by her pelvis, as if you were both going to compete in a wheelbarrow race!

Your lady keeps her palms flat on the floor for an arm and ab workout, while you make extra gains by holding some of your weight! You can even make this move extra challenging by balancing a stability ball instead on the floor!

Wall-Sit Reverse Cowgirl

With your back against the wall, you bend your knees and lower yourself into a classic lower-body exercise.  Your lady faces away from you like in a traditional reverse cowgirl, then squats over you to control the action.

You will both feel it in your glutes, quads and hamstrings.  And of course, you and your girlfriend, or the sexy and alluring Darwin Escorts, can also kick it up a notch by balancing on your toes for an added calf workout!


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