Reasons to Look Forward to Vacation Sex
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Reasons to Look Forward to Vacation Sex

You’ve heard them say that vacation sex is the best kind of sex, whether you’re with a devoted partner or you’re with one of the Darwin escorts you found online. Besides you and your companion being more relaxed, since you’re away from the daily grind, what makes it hotter than the usual?

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  1. Different location. Sometimes, all it takes to dial up the heat is to have sex in a place that’s different from the usual. Even if you’re just in the next city over, getting it on in a bed that’s not yours can make every touch and every sensation new, for both you and your partner.


  1. Anonymity. If you’re both strangers in the neighbourhood, you’re more likely to try new things, even out in public – or as public as you can get and still be comfortable. For instance, having sex on the balcony of your hotel room that’s so high up no one can spot you.


If you’re alone and you hook up with a gorgeous gal for the night, you may well be equally up to trying new things, such as getting it on in an alleyway. Whatever the situation, the fact that very few people know you by name make you feel freer to do something different.


  1. New circumstances. Trying out activities like boating, spelunking, or hiking can show your partner in a new light – just as your partner sees you in a new light. It’s like seeing a whole new side to them which, given what you’re used to, is enough of a turn-on.


For example, if you’ve never seen your girlfriend outside of smart casual or business attire, seeing her in hiking shorts can be pretty hot. Likewise, if she usually sees you in really casual sneakers, jeans, and a pullover, you’ll look really attractive in, say, a suit.


  1. No obligations. Neither you nor your partner has to go to work the next day, so you can have sex as late – or as early! – as you want it. This kind of spontaneity will at least give your sex life a bit of a spark back.


  1. Vacation means drawing things out. When you’re under stress because of your job, you’re more likely to cum sooner, instead of later. She, on the other hand, may have a hard time climaxing because of said stress.


When on vacation, there are no outside stress factors, so you stay hard longer and take more time to orgasm. She’s more relaxed, so she’s more likely to reach the Big O. Combine those two, say several Darwin escorts, and you’re looking at orgasms that will rock your world. Just don’t forget to hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your hotel room door.

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