Maintaining Proper Hygiene with Darwin Escorts
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Maintaining Proper Hygiene with Darwin Escorts

When it comes to hygiene, Darwin escorts pay much attention to it to their clients. But hygiene is not only for the men, it also applies to the ladies. Being squeaky clean is really important in maintaining a health and wellness in both you and your escort. It also prevents certain infections that are caused by bacteria that are present in the skin or within the body. An escort’s health is what helps her earn her money. She would not want to spend thousands of dollars for medical predicaments that could have been prevented with proper hygiene.

Get rid of body odors

If you are the type of person that have obvious body odors after a trip to the gym or after a strenuous day at work, then it is best that you take a thorough shower after. All women, including escorts despise men that are a bit odorous. Take a shower, apply deodorant and perhaps perfume. You might want to apply cologne in moderation. Many clients are guilty of this, instead of showing up for a meeting smelling bad, they show smelling too good that they irritate or trigger allergies.

Take a shower before getting intimate

If you are meeting with an escort in her or your premises, make sure that you take a shower even if you already took a shower earlier that day. If you want the both of you can take a shower, not only that this is a good way to start your business but it also helps you get clean.

For independent escorts, their incall apartments have all the amenities that you need to be squeaky clean. Shampoos, fragrant soaps and even lotions are well provided. It would not hurt to brush your teeth and take some tic tacs before you proceed.

Cut your nails

In addition to being clean, you should keep in mind to cut your nails. Your fingers are going to be used in foreplay, might as well include them in your list of things to be cleaned. Even if you have long clean nails, you need to have them trimmed down because it could cut the escorts skin and cause infections. Get rid of dirt under it and wash your hands. This way you can keep them clean all throughout your meeting.

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