Darwin Escorts – You Should Make 45 Minutes of Sex Your Goal, Experts Assert
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Darwin Escorts – You Should Make 45 Minutes of Sex Your Goal, Experts Assert

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What’s the usual time frame for having sex? Well, for most dudes out there, sex begins when they stick it in, and once they come, they roll over to selfishly enjoy the bliss that is a post-orgasm slumber! But according to a 2005 study that surveyed 500 heterosexual couples, they found out that the average act of “intravaginal ejaculation latency time” lasted from 33 seconds to 44 minutes! Here’s a look at why you should make 45 minutes of hot sex your goal, according to the experts.

Why You Should Make 45 Minutes Your Goal
And since the 2005 study found that the average sexual intercourse lasted from 33 seconds to 44 minutes, which is the length of a pee versus an entire episode of Mr. Robot, it pays that you should at least aim to stay active for 435 minutes in bed with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts!

By making 45 minutes a goal, you will at least be aware of the importance of making everything last longer, which includes the time you make out and have sex with your girlfriend, or hookup buddy!

Think of something else that takes you 45 minutes, like working out, or reading a book, and use that as a reference – Except that in sex, unlike your workout, the warm-up should last a lot longer than the main event!

You Should Always Prioritize Your Lady
The sex experts however pointed out that you don’t always have to shoot for 45 minutes of great shagging time, as quickies are hot too, but instead you should always prioritize your lady, and ensure that she comes first!

Remember that women typically take longer to get off than me, so if you get your girlfriend, or lovely and alluring Darwin Escorts, first, then focus on your orgasm, not only will she brag to your friends about you, but she’ll enjoy having sex much longer with you too!

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