Darwin Escorts – Two Surprising Reasons Why Sex Can Increase Your Spirituality (Seriously)
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Darwin Escorts – Two Surprising Reasons Why Sex Can Increase Your Spirituality (Seriously)

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Darwin Escorts

Who ever said that the best way for finding God was through – sex? Well, weird as it may sound but according to newly-released and not-at-all stupid research from Duke University in the US, sex can actually increase your spirituality and make you feel closer to God! Read more to find out the study’s surprising results.

Feeling Spiritual After Having Sex is Not a Vague Idea After All
Perhaps after reading this article, you won’t be surprised anymore why you say “Oh my God” after a fun round or two in bed with your hookup buddy or your favourite Darwin Escorts! According to the Duke University researchers, two groups of middle aged men were organised, with one group given high doses of the hormone oxytocin, while the others were not given it.

The middle-aged men who were given high levels of the hormone oxytocin (which is also released during sex) showed an increased sense of spirituality. This goes to show that feeling more spiritual after having a naturally-occurring hormone released into our system is actually not a vague idea after all! Well, it’s no coincidence that we use the word “ecstasy” to describe orgasm and religious epiphany!

Sex is Profound, Always
Whether your parents, teachers or religious leaders admit it or not, sex is profound, always, and it’s also the most beautiful and most intimate act that two or more people can have together. And after a very intense orgasm, you become very aware of the world around you and your small, yet important place in it!

And of course, we all see heaven when we’re about to climax. Thus, that moment of orgasm is about as close to God as any of us are going to get. Don’t get me wrong, but I guess even your hookup buddies, or the lovely and alluring Darwin Escorts, would secretly admit that orgasm and ascension to heaven are essentially the exact same thing!

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