Darwin Escorts –Two More Gym Moves That Are Beneficial to Your Sex Life
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Darwin Escorts –Two More Gym Moves That Are Beneficial to Your Sex Life

Darwin Escorts

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If you think that hitting the gym is only good for burning excess calories, and for sculpting your muscles and abs, think again. Don’t you know that hitting the gym regularly could also do wonders for your sex life? Yes, not only does working out keep you young and feel generally wonderful, but it also paves  the way for better sex too!  Here’s a look at a couple more gym moves that are beneficial to your sex life.

Sauté Arabesque

While this gym move may sound too French-y or too Arabic, the truth is that it’s actually one of the most elegant fitness practices ever, and it perfect for those who are looking to sharpen their ballet skills, and make themselves fitter for sex too. Perhaps you could ask your hookup mates, or even your favourite Darwin Escorts to check out this chic gym move!

According to one lady gym expert, the graceful Sauté’ Arabesque is a teeny hop with feet slightly turned on, placing one leg behind you. This gorgeous move requires that the pelvic girdle have tension upward and forward, which is the exact type of engagement we are looking for when practicing Kegels!


According to one seasoned gym instructor, a plank takes strength and endurance in your abs, back and core. He says that this is one great exercise to strengthen your core to create a nice and flat stomach.

Planks are also one of the best exercises for core conditioning, but it also works for your glutes, hamstrings, and it also supports proper posture, as well as improves balance, which can’t be beat when you are rolling around in the sheets!

To do planks, but you’re still a beginner to it, start with 3 sets holding for 10 seconds each with a 10-second break in between. As you can hold longer towards holding a 5-minute plank without breaking, your girlfriend, or even your lovely and alluring Darwin Escorts, will no doubt be wowed if you can hold a 5-minute plank with ease!

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