Darwin Escorts – Top 4 Biggest Date Turn-Offs
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Darwin Escorts – Top 4 Biggest Date Turn-Offs

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It’s the middle of a date, and things are going well. Then suddenly the vivacious young lady becomes stone-faced and silent. You may have experienced that sort of moment yourself, save for when you’re with one of the lovely vixens from Darwin Escorts. When she goes from warm and bubbly to giving you the cold-shoulder treatment, it means she was turned off by something.

Unfortunately, because women aren’t created the same, you can’t say for sure what will turn her off and what won’t. But here are some of the more common date turn-offs, so you can avoid it happening to you yet again.

1. The extremes. Being overly sensitive and being overly cocky are among the biggest turn-offs for the ladies. It’s great for blokes to be in touch with their sensitive side, but if you’re both reaching for tissues at a romantic movie, it’s not so endearing for her. The same goes for if you’re really cocky and act as if you have it all.

2. Boring conversation. It may take some practice, but you need to be able to steer the conversation around topics you know will interest her. You just have to pay attention to how she acts while talking with you.

If she looks interested and visibly loosens up, you’ve found a topic she enjoys. However, if she seems fidgety or otherwise uninterested, it’s time to look for another topic.

3. Insecurity. As mentioned earlier, if you’re over-confident and act full of yourself, you’re bound to turn her off. The thing is, if you’re too insecure, it’ll put her off as well. So carry yourself well, otherwise your being nervous and insecure will show. That’s not the most attractive thing in a bloke, and could be the reason she’ll say ‘no’ to a second date.

4. Lack of manners. If you know how to treat, say, the staff at a restaurant properly, then you’ve already earned some points with her. Ladies like it when a bloke knows his manners, and if you don’t, then you can’t expect her to return your texts or calls.

Those are the more common, and biggest turn-offs for ladies anywhere, so make sure you avoid those, and you avoid the dilemma of putting her off in the middle of your date.

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