Darwin Escorts - Top 3 Insecurities Of Most Women In Sex
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Darwin Escorts – Top 3 Insecurities Of Most Women In Sex

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In life, you can’t do away with insecurities involving careers, finances, jobs, relationships and so on. Even your own bedroom can become a source of anxiety. Sexual hang-ups are real despite the fact that sex is one of the most effective stress busters. To a lot of women, stress is a major source of insecurity. You might wonder if the enticing Darwin Escorts also suffer from sexual anxieties in the performance of their duties.

Below are the three topmost worries common among women inside the bedroom.

1. Body image issues

Majority of women feel insecure with their bodies, the reason why they hesitate to go naked during intercourse. Feeling unattractive dampens the mood and eventually impacts on your sex life if not addressed with serious thoughts.

Although copulating with the lights off may help a bit but afterwards, you still see your own body, the source of your worries. This feeling might stem from what you see in porn – that the perfect body should be characterised by large boobs, slim waist, robust hips and butt, etc.

So, if a woman finds her body on the opposite side of the spectrum, she begins to feel distressed. However, sex therapists assure all those with vaginas that when stripping off, their male lovers are always ready with, “Wow, you look fantastic” or “Gosh, you are so beautiful!” Therefore, better stop watching porn. And better learn to stop comparing your body with others. You’re beautiful in your own right!

Another trick that could help alleviate the problem is to put lighting from below like tea lights on top of saucers and placed in strategic points in the bedroom for that sexy intimacy effect. Likewise, try to engage in a hobby or activity that gives you pleasure to take your mind off your anxieties. This will eventually replace the confidence and esteem you’ve started losing.

2. Difficulty reaching orgasm

Sex therapists openly admit that what plenty of women complain about is not being able to orgasm during coitus. Of course, you just can’t attribute it to a single reason but to multiple factors. Besides, the situation varies from woman to woman. Yet, on the average, sex educators are quick to point to the following culprits: stress (again!), psychological/emotional issues, physiological problems, relational conflicts, lifestyle habits, and the like. But, one thing is clear, penetration alone isn’t enough to make women squirt. Maybe, your guy isn’t aware that clitoral stimulation coupled with oral sex are what bring women to the seventh heaven!

Nonetheless, you can help yourself with a helping hand from your lover. First, explore your sexuality, try to masturbate alone, knead your clit, watch porn, and observe how climax takes place. Finger yourself and see how it satisfies you. So, when you’ve discovered enough, show your guy this is how he can do to send you to O’land.

3. Poor sex drive

It’s a relief to know that lots of women out there are suffering from the same, meaning, you’re not alone. Sex therapists say, low libido could be triggered by stress (third time!), some forms of birth control, medication like antidepressants, even sleep deprivation. Fret not, for there are a hundred ways to raise your sexual appetite. To be sure of the underlying cause/s, better see your specialist.

Certainly, women as attractive as the Darwin Escorts don’t have issues pertaining to the above!

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