Darwin Escorts - Tongue Tricks You Need in the Bedroom
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Darwin Escorts – Tongue Tricks You Need in the Bedroom

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

There are a number of blokes who are proud of their bedroom skills. After all, it takes a lot of work to please a babe. You could be in a long-term relationship, or you could be with one of the gorgeous babes featured in the pages of Darwin Escorts, you still need to do your part to turn up the heat.


It’s a good thing, then, that certain tricks work for any woman in bed, or wherever you happen to be doing the deed. Here’s a quick guide to some of them.


  1. Asking what she likes. Few things boost the ego more than knowing that she loves what you’re doing. However, do her one better by asking for feedback or tips to make the experience better for her. When you ask how she likes it, you show her that her pleasure is important to you, which is a turn-on for some babes.


  1. Try some dirty talking. When it comes to erogenous zones, the brain is the biggest, especially in women. She can get really turned on if you talk dirty to her the way she wants to hear dirty talk. There’s no need to get raunchy if you’re uncomfortable with it. All that matters is that you let her know you want her.


  1. Tease her boobs. Starting where her breast meets the ribcage, alternate between licking and kissing her upper torso. Get as close to her nipples as possible, teasing the whole breast, but not quite taking the nipple in your mouth or touching your tongue to it. Soon, she’ll beg you to just suck on it or take it in your mouth. Get ready for a huge moan from her when you finally do.


  1. Tease her whole clit. The part that you see is just a small part of the whole. Besides the small button-like part above her labia, there are ‘legs’ that extend behind her lower lips, in something like a wishbone shape. Kiss, lick, and stimulate those parts, too, using different levels of pressure to see what she likes best.


All told, your tongue is very versatile when it comes to the bedroom, and the best way to hone your skills is to practice using it. If you don’t have a long-term partner, just browse the pages at Darwin Escorts to find the perfect babe for you.

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