Darwin Escorts – To Have Sex or Avoid it On the First Date?
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Darwin Escorts – To Have Sex or Avoid it On the First Date?

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

When you have a date with a gorgeous lady to look forward to, you sometimes can’t help but think of taking things a little further. With the women featured in the pages of Darwin Escorts don’t mind sex on the first date, your other companions might. After all, why deny the urge if you’re that attracted to the person, right?

So should you give in or not, especially if it’s your first time seeing that person? There’s no true right or wrong answer to that question, but each side has its own good reasons.

Why You Shouldn’t Have Sex Yet

1. You don’t know your partner’s body well enough. This can lead to awkward fumbling on the bed or couch. It doesn’t matter if the date itself wasn’t awkward; when you’re behind closed doors, you could get more embarrassed than when out in public.

2. She’ll think sex is all you’re after. This is likely to be true, unless you’re with a pleasure professional, and she could turn you down the next time you ask her out. That may well ruin any chances at a future together if you’re not careful.

3. You might confuse love and lust. You can lust after someone you love, of course, but what if you’re just lusting after a sexy vixen? You may think you’re happy to be with that person, when in fact you’re body’s just reacting positively to the promise of awesome sex.

So what about the reasons that are all for doing the dirty?

Why You Should Give In to the Urge

1. Sexual chemistry matters. You could be dating someone for months, and you enjoy her company, but in the bedroom, the spark fizzles out. It turns out you’re not sexually compatible, and that could put a strain on your relationship. Having sex on the first date may help you from this difficulty later down the road.

2. Your decision shouldn’t influence how your date sees you. If she really respects you and is into you, when you have sex shouldn’t matter to either of you. Nor should it change how she sees you.

3. You don’t have to subscribe to what society believes. Sex is great, so why deprive yourself of it if you’re feeling the tug? The lovely women at Darwin Escorts believe this, too, and they’re definitely open to helping you hone your bedroom skills for that.

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