Darwin Escorts – The Various Types of Orgasms
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Darwin Escorts – The Various Types of Orgasms

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Regardless of whether you call it “cum”, “come”, “climax” or “bust”, an orgasm is still an orgasm. And as you may already know, orgasms or climaxes also come in various forms and intensities, with some so much easier to achieve than others. Here’s a brief yet exciting and informative look at the various types of orgasms.

The Clitoral Orgasm
Here’s one type of orgasm that your girlfriend, and even your favourite Darwin Escorts, would certainly like to get every time you go to bed with them! For starters, the clitoris is home to more than 8,000 sensitive nerve endings, thus making it the go-to source for reaching climax for ladies, mainly due to it being made specifically for that purpose!

However, not all women climax clitorally in the same way, because some need just a few gentle swipes of the tongue to orgasm, while others subject their clit to a good thumping using vibes or wand massagers to get the job done!

The Penile Orgasm
No matter if it’s done via a hand job, blowjob or straight-up penis-vagina sex, this orgasm is definitely so much easier to give than the others, as there are only two distinct things that one sees during penile orgasms, and its – orgasm and ejaculation!

In fact, a guy can even ejaculate without orgasm – just think of wet dreams – and then there’s having an orgasm too without ejaculating, which is referred to as a “dry orgasm”, and is apparently a sought-after thing, especially in tantric sex, because of the decreased refractory period that follow, which essentially means that male multiple orgasms are possible!

The Blended Orgasm
This type of orgasm is more commonly thought as stimulating the G-spot and clitoris at the same time, but yes this can be applied to pleasuring two erogenous zones at once (although it may take some coordination of sorts!)

Multiple Orgasms
This is hailed as the Holy Grail or the Unicorn of climaxes, because they are exactly as they’re named – orgasms that can go on and on, rolling into another for much more sustained climax. I guess this orgasm would also be the most-sought after type of climax by your hookup buddies, as well as your lovely and alluring Darwin Escorts!

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