Darwin Escorts – The Smartest, and Coolest, Tent Sex Positions
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Darwin Escorts – The Smartest, and Coolest, Tent Sex Positions

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

If you’re just so fond of the great outdoors, so much that you already want to take what’s usually happening in the bedroom out there in the fields and forests, then be prepared to experience tent sex! Here’s brief yet fun look at the smartest, and coolest, positions for tent sex.

Crouching Tigress
If you and your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts, are raring to do something different, and something truly out-of-the-box, then perhaps you should try pitching a tent in the woods, and get down and dirty there!

One of the best tent sex positions is the Crouching Tigress. To do this, ladies get their guys to kneel down in the middle while they crouch over his lap facing him. Next, wrap your arms around each other for support and get him to work up a rocking motion, moving apart and together in unison!

Backup Bliss
To do this, guys lie on their back with their legs straight out in front of them. Next, the lady sits on top of him facing his feet, and using her hands for support she backs up onto his penis, and starts thrusting while he holds her upper thighs or bum.

As the ground can be quite unforgiving and hard when you’re camping, try placing a pillow under her bum, as this will make things more comfortable, and it pushes her pelvis toward her partners’, which means more direct clitoral contact, and makes orgasms far more likely too!

Lazy Doggy
This modified tent version of the doggy style maintains all the excitement of rear entry, but keeps things slower and smoother. Here, the couple simply doggy styles by lying down once they are in position, and both focus on small and shallow movements.

Secret Spoons
If you and your girlfriend, or hot and lovely Darwin Escorts would love to do this outdoor version of spooning, lie on your sides and enter her from behind while you pay her clitoris some nice finger attention!

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