Darwin Escorts – The Simple Etiquette Guide
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Darwin Escorts – The Simple Etiquette Guide

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Many jobs have their own list of dos and don’ts; you might be surprised when reading some of them. The truth is, even escorts – like the gorgeous ladies at Darwin Escorts – have their own little ‘rules’, not to restrict their clients, but to make the experience better for both of you. Some of the tips are a product of good old common sense, while others may make you raise an eyebrow or two.

1. Don’t ask pointless or prying questions. One of these is asking if that lovely lady sitting across from you is clean – and not just physically. It’s a potentially insulting question, one escort adds, because she’s not likely to advertise, however discreetly, if she isn’t. If you’re really worried, skip having to ask and just use a condom, adds another escort.

Another question they get now and then is “How many men have you seen today?” While it’s not annoying, you likely don’t want to actually know the answer to that question. Not to mention it’s an extremely private one that no girl would want to truthfully answer.

2. Do remember basic hygiene. Of course you’ll want to brush your teeth and spray on a bit of luscious-smelling cologne. Take a shower and cut your nails, while you’re at it. It’s better for both of you to look presentable.

As you may have guessed, this extends to sexual hygiene, too. Have yourself tested for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) before hiring a girl. Clean those private places properly, and you won’t have to worry if she’s turned off by the smell or some other detail.

3. Provide the basics. If you’re having her go to your place, at least make sure there’s running water, heating and air conditioning – you don’t want her to feel too hot or too cold.

4. Don’t surprise her with ‘extra friends’. It’s unnerving for her if there are people she doesn’t know about – even if you just want them to see her and not actually participate. If you want her to accompany you to a social function, tell her; don’t just say it’s a surprise. This will help her prepare the ‘illusion’ you’re hiring her to help create.

Think you can do these? Then go ahead and browse the gallery at Darwin Escorts to find your perfect partner!

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