Darwin Escorts – The Sex Positions That Make Both Men & Women Feel Most Anxious
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Darwin Escorts – The Sex Positions That Make Both Men & Women Feel Most Anxious

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Darwin Escorts

We all know how amazing and exciting sex feels. However, the truth is that we all got our limits; Thus, there are stuff that we’re more than willing to do, and not willing to do, in bed! A newly-released survey also shows which sex positions most people are comfortable with, and which ones they aren’t. Read on to find out which sex positions make both men and women feel most anxious.

69 Standing
If you and your girlfriend, or your favorite Darwin Escorts, have no qualms in doing the conventional 69 technique, I guess most men and women would feel so anxious about doing the “Standing 69”, as a survey done by UK’s Superdrug Online Doctor, which covered 500 Europeans and 500 Americans in relationships, notes that 42.7% of men and 56.8% of women, are hesitant to do it (I guess due to safety and balance concerns?).

Anal Sex
While you may have already read a lot of articles praising anal sex as the “new frontier” of sex, the truth is that 30.5 of men and 54.6% of women feel extremely anxious of doing it! The other positions that make both Americans and Europeans feel so awkward include BDSM, rough sex, kneeling wheelbarrow, standing sex, reverse cowgirl, and watching porn together!

For Many, The Most Anxiety-Inducing Parts of Sex Are Considered the Most Adventurous
While most couples feel anxious about doing stuff that they consider too acrobatic, or too bone-crunching in bed, for many the most anxiety-inducing parts of sex are what they actually consider to be the most adventurous!

The Superdrug Online Doctor’s survey of 500 Americans and 500 Europeans also found that US men and women agree that sex should be behind closed doors, as they rated public sex 3.7 out of 5, with 5 being “extremely anxious”.

But for the Europeans, frolicking in the great outdoors is a fun and exciting activity, for which they ranked public sex 3.2 out of 5! Now, which sex position or activity makes you and your hookup buddies, or your favourite Darwin Escorts, extremely anxious?

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