Darwin Escorts – The Secret to Impressing Women
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Darwin Escorts – The Secret to Impressing Women

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Darwin Escorts

It can’t be helped that you’d have an idea about what women want – or you think you do. Whatever preconceived notions you may have had, they’re likely not up to date. Times are changing after all, caution the sexy courtesans at Darwin Escorts. Women these days are looking at more than the superficial things.

So what will actually impress a lady these days? Here are some tips.

1. Money is nothing without responsibility. In this case, you may be responsible at work, but not as responsible for dividing your time between work and a relationship. If she’s desperate for money, then she’ll latch on to you. But if she’s earning and can take care of herself, then the most she’ll do is acknowledge you have money and move on to what really matters to her.

That doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to mention that you’re unemployed and still figuring out what to do. Women want men who have goals and the capacity to earn a living. Despite this being the age of equality, she won’t want you to expect her to pay for everything.

2. Muscles are good, but cleanliness is better. If you’re well-muscled but giving off body odour that could peel paint off a flat, she’s going to keep walking. Women like men who show they can take care of themselves, as far as hygiene is concerned.

What you’re wearing is secondary to that, one escort shares. She adds that you could be dressed in the simplest outfit, but would still be able to catch a lady’s eye if it’s clear you bathe and brush regularly.

3. Athleticism isn’t the whole package. So you’re into sports and you like to keep yourself fit. That’s good, but you need to show her that you have the brains to match the physique. You don’t have to be extremely intelligent to attract a lady, so don’t fret if your IQ isn’t in the ‘gifted’ range. However, if it doesn’t seem like you have a handle on life, she’s going to see that as a sign of weakness.

Also, as long as you can engage her in titillating, stimulating conversation, then you’ve nothing to worry about.
Need to practice your charm when on a date, or just need some company for an hour or so? Then browse the gallery at Darwin Escorts today!

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