Darwin Escorts – The Grim Side Of Masturbation
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Darwin Escorts – The Grim Side Of Masturbation

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Why do women and men masturbate? For pleasure of course, and you can indulge in a variety of ways to stimulate your own body to create euphoria. Some use it as foreplay, delighting in arousing each other’s bodies while others simply want the happiness all to their own.

Further, there are also those who make use of sex toys, watch porn or use other resources to help them come off. How about you? Are you content with just one of those sizzling Darwin Escorts blowing your mind away with her arousal expertise?

Anything done in moderation is acceptable which holds true for masturbation. But, how much is enough? While the end goal of wanking is self-pleasure, there’s the unappealing side of it, too.

Experts say that normally, people opt to jerk-off to satisfy unmet sexual needs, along with other reasons such as: alleviate stress, relieve boredom, relaxation, get some sleep, and lots more. Now, if all those are not fulfilled (or even if they are but partly) and yet you need to jerk-off more, is that still reasonable and acceptable? You may be hurting yourself and damaging your health, in that case.

It is said that once your health and relationships are starting to be affected by you’re going solo, then masturbation isn’t pleasant any more. You may now be suffering from a condition called Compulsive Masturbation.

Read the Signs

Of course, we can’t exactly define “too much” masturbation because by itself, it isn’t harmful nor likely to inflict damage. Sugar and alcohol can be quantified, so you have to stop or limit your intake when your body takes up the consequences. But, with wanking? Only the doer can figure out how much isn’t good for his life and health.

Like with any addiction, masturbation can be considered excessive when you’re no longer participating in other aspects of life, according to experts. Can you call it healthy when you seem to love staying in the dark corners of your room all day, hand-in-penis and glued to your computer screen watching porn, even if it means having to stop eating, bathing and going out for sunshine? Now, you’re missing out on life, bro!

Let masturbation be a health-booster, not health-wrecker. Once in awhile, you need to get out of the dark, meet lots of hot and beautiful people like the Darwin Escorts. Who knows, you may forget wanking once you’re hooked with one of the girls!

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