Darwin Escorts – The First-Timer's Guide to Anal Sex
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Darwin Escorts – The First-Timer’s Guide to Anal Sex

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Even with today’s more relaxed outlook on sex, as a whole, anal sex is somehow still taboo for many. Perhaps it’s sinful and forbidden nature is what tempts many young, inexperienced couples to try it, resulting in the girl accidentally getting hurt and thereby swearing off anal sex forever. The lovely babes at Darwin Escorts may or may not permit anal sex, but you can be sure if they do, it’ll feel amazing.

The truth is, when done right, anal sex can feel extremely pleasurable; done wrong, it can be very wrong. So if you’ve been thinking about doing it in the back door for some time, here’s how to make sure your girl will enjoy anal sex, so you can look forward to more of it in the future.

1. Start out slow. You have to give your girl time to get used to the idea of having something up her ass, instead of surprising her by pushing your cock into her. Rather than using a butt plug, a better idea is to try inserting a finger into her backdoor.

Wait until she’s properly aroused, then put some lube on your finger. Then press against the anus and rub gently. Insert your finger only after a few minutes, and do so slowly.

2. Try rimming. A rim job is when someone uses their lips and tongue to massage their partner’s anus. Understandably, you’ll both be more comfortable trying this after she’s taken a bath, so you can be sure she’s clean down there. Again, make sure to use lube to help things go smoothly. If you want to distract her from any potential awkwardness, try stimulating her clit while you’re rimming her.

3. Put it all together. Once she’s comfortable with having something stimulate her back there, it’s time for the big finish. After you’re both relaxed, and she’s already cum once from either oral or vaginal sex, use a lot of lube on your cock and around her anus. Start with just the head of the penis, then wait for a couple of minutes before moving further in.

Of course, if you just need some company to help you fulfil some sexual needs, regardless of how it happens, browse the gallery at Darwin Escorts. You’re sure to find the best pleasure professional for you!

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