Darwin Escorts - The Do's And Dont's To Remember About Vacation Sex
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Darwin Escorts – The Do’s And Dont’s To Remember About Vacation Sex

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Vacations are the perfect occasions to go places, see the sights, taste exotic cuisines, and have great sex. Whether you’re on a Caribbean cruise, on a trip to Paris, or a Safari in Kenya, there’ll always be a time when you and your partner will be all alone by your twosome. You could be in some secluded corner, or in the back seat of a tourist bus! But before you start taking your clothes off in some foreign location, here are a couple of hints on the do’s and dont’s about vacation sex.


Don’t Be Too Concerned With Your Body

Whether you’re on holiday with your partner, or your lovely Darwin Escorts, don’t wreck it by sulking about how you look, or how chubby or thin your body is. Truth is, there’s just nothing you can do about it now, although no one at the beach, or the hotel lobby, is going to give your body a second look, except your partner.

To prevent your body image worries from wrecking your vacation, why not be confident about how you look? Stay focused on pampering your partner and pleasuring her in bed (or in a tent or closet) later.

The Sunscreen As A Foreplay Tool 

Sunscreen isn’t just for preventing sunburn or making your skin feel soft and smooth all throughout the journey. You can actually turn in into a rubbing lotion, and use it to flawlessly and thoroughly massage your partner’s hard-to-reach spots.

Don’t Have Sex In The Water

Whether you’re in Copacabana or Lake Zurich, don’t forget your swim suit, and dive into the crystal-clear waters! Just don’t have sex in the water, even if it sounds so enticing.

It’s because sea water and/or fresh water can harbour bacteria of all types. If you’re using a condom, the friction caused by the lack of lubrication can break the condom, and can lead to the spread of sexually-transmitted infections.

Do A lot Of PDA

Vacations truly bring out the romance and snuggles, regardless of how long the duration is. Whether you’re in the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, or on the crowded and rowdy streets of New Delhi, hold hands, kiss each other, and have romantic, candle-lit dinners.

However, before you do any necking or petting in public, try to first learn about the customs and practices of the locals. Not everyone in your holiday destination certainly wants to view something “R” or X-rated, in public.

Do Not Have Sex In The Beach

The beach would certainly be a great place to relax, drink and get a lot of sunshine. But, surely you and your partner do not want to create a scene, or be everyone’s spectacle. Of course in some countries where religious laws are strict, baring too much skin and fornicating in public, is a criminal offence.

When you go on holiday, make sure you bring light and travel-friendly sex toys. These include small vibrating bullets and eggs, wrist cuffs, pocket rockets or love rings and lube packets. These items would surely make vacation sex with your partner, or sexy Darwin Escorts, more interesting and  exciting!

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