Darwin Escorts – The Best Things to Say to Your Woman In Bed
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Darwin Escorts – The Best Things to Say to Your Woman In Bed

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Aside from being visual, women are verbal creatures at heart. No wonder they find time to read erotica, get hooked on soaps and admire men with foreign accents. All of these make them feel the same way every time we spot a woman with huge tits.

In sex, even the simplest of words can arouse a woman. It is best that you always choose your words carefully, as what comes out of your mouth can tap into her desire. Hence, it should be part of  your goal to learn to say the right things.

Here are the best things to say to a lady once you unclothe her.

“I’m going to Make You Feel Good”

It is really simple, yet very effective. Saying this is a wonderful way to make her feel relax, as it reassures her that making love with you is a right decision. Try to drop during one of our steamy escapades before or during foreplay. You’ll be surprise with the maximum effect.

“I Love What I Hear Every Time You Orgasm”

If you know your partner well, this is surely for you. Sometimes, even during orgasm, women tend to feel awkward being vocal about it during sex. But, of course, most of us men like women who can moan loud in bed. So tell her how you love hearing her voice every time she’s at peak; it’ll surely please her. Don’t be afraid to encourage her to turn the moaning up.

“You Have Such a Fucking Hot (insert body part here)”

Pick a body part to mention (i.e. boobs, pussy, hair, etc.), but choose the one that you know she’s going to be proud of. Remember that women are guilty of being sensitive to clumsy compliments, especially when talking about their body.

“I Love the Taste of Yours. Can We Stay Down Here For a Bit?”

You might consider saying this one more often. This reassures her that you love giving her oral sex and that there are no foul odors from that area of hers. Say this during a short break from oral sex or directly afterwards. It should come off best when said in a sensual, semi-exhausted voice.

So, next time you tackle her in bed, don’t forget to mention these phrases to her. And if in case you need someone to help you be the best out of it, give those Darwin Escorts a try. You’ll never know.

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