Darwin Escorts – The Best, and the Least Risky, Shower Sex Positions
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Darwin Escorts – The Best, and the Least Risky, Shower Sex Positions

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Darwin Escorts

A lot has already been said with regard to sex positions like shower sex. While others love it because they see their favourite movie or TV stars do it onscreen, the naysayers say that shower sex is just so overrated, and so unsafe too. However, supporters of shower sex say that there are a couple of safe and exciting ways to do it. Here’s a peek at a few of them.

The Wraparound
If you and your girlfriend, or lovely and alluring Darwin Escorts, would like to try shower sex, but you’re afraid that one of you might get hurt, perhaps you should try out this move! Yes, shower sex is a very tricky and difficult act to master, as the slippery surfaces can be a nightmare.

But with the Wraparound, shower sex can now be done safely! First, keep your feet firmly planted on the bathroom floor, then lift your girl up and make sure she wraps her legs around your waist. If she can hold on to something while you are carrying her, then better. Next, thrust her and just let the water run over your bodies!

Let’s Go Frontal
If you’d like to give your lady, and her lovely clit, some royal treatment in the showers, then you better try out this cool shower sex move! First, let your lady stand back against the shower wall with one leg bent up to her side.

If there’s a shower seat available, let her feet rest on it. While facing each other, bend your legs slightly as you enter her from underneath and your chest and area down south rubbing against one another.

Apart from providing increased intimacy, the sex position’s body-to-body pressure targets her clitoris while giving you some room for deeper penetration. At the same time, you can also fully maximize your hands by roaming all over her wet body. Being face-to-face also creates more opportunities for kissing, which can certainly add up to the sensation.

Plus, don’t you just love seeing your hot and sexy Darwin Escorts’ boobs rubbing against your chest? Go ahead and try this move, as your lady will surely love it too!

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