Darwin Escorts – The 3 Major Health & Wellness Perks of Morning Sex
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Darwin Escorts – The 3 Major Health & Wellness Perks of Morning Sex

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What’s your usual morning routine? Do you lie in bed for an extra 15 minutes more before getting up? Do you quickly prepare a cup of coffee, or go for a quick walk? Perhaps it’s time you enjoy a different type of morning workout, like try having- sex! Here’s a quick yet interesting look at the three major health and wellness perks of morning sex.

It Can Make You Look Younger and Happier
If your hookup buddy, or your favourite Darwin Escorts keep asking you why it pays to have sex in the morning, perhaps you should tell them at it can make you look younger and happier! According to research done by Lovehoney, the UK’s most popular online shop for buying adult toys and sexy lingerie discreetly online, an AM session is good for your health and maybe even your career!

And since there’s only so much skin-care products and make-up can do when it comes to feeling fresh, the good thing is that morning sex boosts the anti-aging hormone DHEA, which works to keep us younger looking longer. After an orgasm, the DHEA in the blood rises to five times the normal level!

It’s A Great Replacement for Coffee
While your caffeine shots throughout the day might be helping you power through your daily to-do list, it’s probably not benefiting your health that much. Thus, sex experts say that you should be cueing the morning rumble under the sheets instead!

A quickie at the crack of dawn will not only increase your heart beat, which is perfect for heart health, but it will also reduce blood pressure, perk up your muscles and wake up your brain! But then again, you could still have your cup of coffee after shagging in the AM!

It Releases Oxytocin
Health and sex experts say that when we orgasm, our body releases what’s called the “cuddle hormone” or oxytocin, which boosts the mood, and makes you feel calmer and happier. In fact, you will feel so calm that you will even be able to feel a difference in the way you and your girlfriend, or lovely Darwin Escorts interact!

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