Darwin Escorts - Tell Tale Signs she's faking it
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Darwin Escorts – Tell Tale Signs she’s faking it

It is a daunting fact that only 25% of women genuinely orgasm during sex. So what does the remaining percentage do when having sex? Chances are, they’re faking it just to make you feel good or for some other reasons. Not all Darwin escorts fake their orgasms however there are and will be instances where they just don’t get to the point of no return. So how would you tell if you’re doing a great job?

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Look at her Eyes

What’s really happening: She’s staring you down, she’s not at all pleased with your performance. If she really was having fun, she would have dilated pupils and her focus would shut down, completely. She wouldn’t be able to answer you properly while she’s having an orgasm.

How to fix it: Take out your inner kinkiness by blindfolding your lady. Her sense of sight will shut down and her body will make up for the loss of sight, making her other sensory organs sensitive. You can also surprise her with your naughty tricks while blindfolded.

The V

What’s really happening: You’re just going in and out of her as she yells and screams. What she really means is for you to hurry up because you’re a waste of time. If she really was orgasming and ultimately turned on, you would imply slip and slide inside her. You can feel her vaginal walls cramping plus you don’t need to speed up or slow down at all.

How to fix it: If you’re not doing it right, then there must be something you’re not doing. Don’t just use your penis to get her off. Use your tongue, hands and fingers and stimulate her clit more and so as other sensitive parts of her body such as her nipples, inner thighs and neck.

Her body

What’s really happening: She’s arching her back, wriggling and doing all sorts of things including overcompensating. To know if she’s turned on, her muscles would tense up and twist her fingers on the sheets, not turning into a contortionist.

How to fix it: Relax for a minute; don’t try to bend her over backwards to achieve orgasm. Let her catch up and pull her close.


What’s really happening: She’s blurting out all sorts of profanities that describe how you are in bed. While this can be a boost of ego but she is absolutely faking it. If she really was too turned while having sex, she would be too preoccupied to tell you at all. Normal orgasmic vocalizations are usually unrecognized moans and deep breaths instead of noisy screams.

How to fix it: Thanks to modern porn videos, the idea of screaming “yes! yes!” is a compliment yet if she does, just whisper “shhh”.

If you do it right, then there’s a great chance your chosen Darwin escort would love the way you take her to orgasm. Sex is not about what you do but who you do it with. Find the hottest girls available in Darwin through our gallery.

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