Darwin Escorts – Summer Road Sex: Send It Overdrive With These 5 Easy Steps
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Darwin Escorts – Summer Road Sex: Send It Overdrive With These 5 Easy Steps

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Summers are always looked forward to because it means doing all the enjoyable activities under the sun, and inside the car, too. This is the season to go on long exciting road trips, sing at the top of your voice with your gang or with your favourite play list, feed on crunchy junk food, and of course, make-out in the back seat! For a change, why don’t you invite one of the daring Darwin Escorts for a long ride and have fun sex with her?

If you haven’t done it yet this year, or are planning for it in order to correct what went wrong the last time, here are 5 sensible tips to bear in mind. And watch how your roadside intercourse goes overdrive!

Road Sex Tricks To Enjoy The Sultriest of Summers

1. Put safety as your priority.

When thinking of a roadside gig, avoid doing it on a hard-to-navigate road or under dangerous conditions like hail storm or heavy downpour. Wait for the turbulence to subside, pull over onto the road shoulder or a private parking, and that’s the time to go down and dirty. Always keep safe and have some common sense.

2. Do it in private.

Avoid going naked, much less engaging in copulation in places where there are children and adults alike who might see you. Keep away from residence homes, bus stops or schools, and instead, opt for the side of the highway. Likewise, during the red light, don’t go bobbing your head up and down, or else straddling whoever is in the driver’s seat, in clear view of the motoring public.

3. Don’t have high expectations.

Hello, it’s road humping by the way. You can’t do as you please. Though you can have very limited positions because of space and time, you can still make the best fucking of your life. Let her give you a hand job and cock-sucking if you desire, make her sit upon your dick. Pull the seat back as far as it could go, let her bend so you can take her from behind. But, be kind to yourself to not eat her pussy because that position is obviously difficult. Also, avoid standing-up sex unless both of you are just too fearless or unbelievably short!

4. Seek comfort.

At least you know that road romps are never easy. For one, she’ll surely knock her knees against the seatbelt lock or gear shaft when she rides you. If she pumps up and down, her head might hit the roof or her back hits the steering wheel. The best that you can do is put the seat parts far back and have some towels or extra clothes for cushion.

5. Clean up the mess.

Some napkins/tissue paper, extra clothing and towels can come handy, obviously for hygienic reasons. Likewise, keep a plastic bag nearby to store napkins or tissue used to wipe away your fluid, then throw it away as soon as you come across a garbage bin. The towels can serve as your sit-upon to avoid staining the car seat.

Keep in mind – roadside screwing can be fun if you use lots of common sense. Follow the above and be on your way to the hottest of summers, of course, with the equally hot Darwin Escorts! Visit the gallery today.

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