Darwin Escorts Stories: The 1,000th Man
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Darwin Escorts Stories: The 1,000th Man

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Darwin Escorts

He was as I expected, a normal white-collared man. Aren’t they all? By now, I should have known.

He was nothing special, both on looks and the physique department. He was charming, I’ll give him that, but a bit too reserved too. He looked like someone who hasn’t had sex in a long-time. He’s probably married. I didn’t ask. I didn’t want to know. It wasn’t my place – I’ve known that for a long time. What I did know, is that he is my thousandth. I pride myself in being the one of the best Darwin escorts, and he was a celebration of my reign.

He didn’t know that. He was, as all men before him, oblivious to the world. They all want one thing, and they go to great lengths to do it. Men are funny.

He was an oral guy. The way he flicked his tongue over my clit was sensuous, but hurried. He wanted to prove something, like my approval was a trophy. In addition to being funny, men are egotistical. Sex is sex. I am far too desensitised by lots of it that I couldn’t tell the difference between a second-rate orgasm and the one that’s supposed to be life-changing.

He got me off eating my pussy. It was sweet release.

And then he ruined it by thrusting his penis without prelude. I felt the burn, but it didn’t hurt. I could say he was far too focused on getting his rocks off that he forgot common courtesy, but that wasn’t it. The guy needs to be re-acquainted with sex. He must have a terrible sex life with his wife.

I thought, at that moment, I may have saved their marriage. This man was clearly in bliss with his marital life, but I bet the sex wasn’t great. Whatever, I wasn’t there to be his life-frustrations absorber. I was there because I was a form of release.

He came on my face. Some guys like that. They don’t want to come inside, especially with a condom. His spunk smelled of chlorine, and the little bit that grazed my lip tasted bittersweet.

At least he was generous. Not totally generous, but it will do.

After all, he was my 1,000th. He ought to be memorable. And he was memorable alright. His money that is, and frankly his bittersweet cum. That was saying something. As a Darwin escorts, I had tasted so many cums in my life, his was the first one I actually remembered.

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