Darwin Escorts – Some Known Facts & Myths Regarding Too Tight Vaginas
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Darwin Escorts – Some Known Facts & Myths Regarding Too Tight Vaginas

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

It’s a known reality that plenty of women have this notion of vaginal tightness and looseness. But, maybe not the seasoned Darwin Escorts. Yet, experts say this attitude is laden with mythology!

Without saying, what most people believe could be one or all of these below:
1. Virgin vaginas are meant to be too tight.
2. Frequent coitus loses tightness of the vagina.
3. Childbirth and more deliveries loosen its tightness further.
4. Once tightness is lost, it’s permanent.

However, a respected gynaecologist debunks these myths. Lauren Streicher, MD from the Centre for Sexual Medicine and Menopause at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago says that all vaginas are capable of elasticity.

True, some women experience pain and/or discomfort during lovemaking. One might think her pussy is too tight to accommodate a penis. According to this expert, pain that accompanies penile penetration has causes that are entirely treatable or fixable, and that, this should be addressed with urgency so that all ladies may bask in a satisfying experience under the covers. So, don’t keep on assuming it’s tight.

Possible Causes Of Having Pain During Intercourse

There are likely four causes related to pain with sex: physical, muscular, hormonal and vaginal dryness.

1. Physical – Vaginal septum, a wall of tissue inside the pussy can make penile insertion difficult. That’s why a lady may think she’s too tight she can’t let a big penis in. Truth is, no matter how much extra lube you use or how long the foreplay takes, if the condition isn’t resolved, then, pain will always recur. In such case, you need to consult a doctor specialising in sexual medicine.

2. Muscular – This one has to do with fear factor perhaps, due to one’s religiosity or cultural beliefs. The brain may be conditioned about sex being sinful so that her vagina clamps down during penile entry. Try to practise with an artificial dick to accustom your love-hole to penetration.

3. Hormonal – Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, during perimenopause and menopause stage, you’ll be undergoing normal hormonal changes, most especially females who are on birth control treatment. Sooner or later, vaginal tissues will become thin and dry. Talk to your OB-Gyne and be frank that no matter what, you still want to experience a pleasurable encounter in bed. You may be prescribed another type of hormonal birth control or vaginal oestrogen cream to bring back elasticity of the tissue in your woman-bits.

4. Vaginal Dryness – Not allowing enough time for a real nice foreplay may cause the pain and not because of tightness in your lady-bits. Ask your partner to prolong the kissing and touching to produce moisture down there. To make things smooth, opt for super-slippery silicone lubricants, as what most therapists recommend. Or, if you’re on allergy medications, too much antihistamines can dry up the well. Go see a professional.

If none of those above is causing you pain but you still experience great difficulty in accepting an erection, it might be vaginismus – an unusual clenching or tightening of the vaginal muscles. This time, it really pays to consult a physician who is an expert in sexual therapy. Luckily, there’s no such problem with the sultry Darwin Escorts.

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