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Darwin Escorts – Simple Secrets for Sizzling Sex

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

No matter the weather outside, there are a few simple things you can do to turn up the heat in the bedroom, or wherever you happen to be doing the deed. In fact, say the lovely courtesans at Darwin Escorts, there are a few acts that will get your partner going every time.

1. Take your time above the waist. If you’re going to toy with her breasts, a few minutes won’t cut it. Really take your time, explore her torso and neck instead of just fondling and massaging her boobs for a while. Use your hands, fingers, tongue, mouth, perhaps even your teeth while experimenting to find what makes her moan and writhe with pleasure.

You can also try fondling her boobs from behind her, with both of you facing a mirror. She’ll get a good look at what you’re doing, not to mention she’ll see expression. Playing with her breasts is easier when you’re behind her, and both seeing and feeling it will get her going even more.

2. Don’t forget the kisses. Do you know why some people get really turned on after a torrid kiss? The wetness and warmth of the act is meant to simulate that of sex. This means well-placed kisses and passionate ones will hint at what’s in store for her. That’s also the reason why being a good kisser matters so much.

3. Explore her down there. A lady’s cunt and the area around it is practically one big erogenous zone, so you’re missing out – and making her miss out – if you don’t take the time to explore it thoroughly. As with her boobs, use all the ‘tools’ at your disposal to find what works for her and explore.

Don’t focus immediately on her clit. Instead, massage her inner thighs first, gently stroke her labia, lick as close as you can to her love button without actually touching it. Build anticipation and keep her guessing.

Want to practice these moves but don’t have a committed partner, or just need some company? Go ahead and look through the pages of Darwin Escorts to find the perfect babe for you – today!

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