Darwin Escorts - Sexting Tips To Prevent You From Sounding Like A Stalker
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Darwin Escorts – Sexting Tips To Prevent You From Sounding Like A Stalker

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Darwin Escorts

Thank God for smart phones. Not only could you easily surf the Worldwide Web and pay your bills, shop in the comfort of home, and do you research, but you could also easily get down and sleazy with practically everyone! And since we all want to have sex with any hot and sexy lady we can get our hands into (but we can’t), we therefore transfer all this pent-up sexual energy into our smart phones. But before you do sexting, or act out your erotic fantasies via SMS, here here are a couple of tips to prevent you from sounding like an evil stalker.

Use Emoticons Sparingly, And Gradually Get Filthy

If you’d like to do sexting with a friend or with someone you met on Facebook, or even with the lovely Darwin Escorts you dated last weekend, then learn to start things gradually.

Whether you believe it or not, the stuff you type on your smart phone can actually lead to sex with a real person, in real life. Therefore, don’t be ashamed of putting it all out there in words, but please don’t do it without any warning!

Instead, start with a slow but steady drip of innuendo, and gradually up the ante. You could start by texting about your “dick” and “where you want it to go”. And in the art of sexting, Smileys are quite okay, but again don’t overdo it, because you won’t be taken seriously by the person you’re sexting!

Don’t Quickly Fire Sexts To A Casual Acquaintance

If you’re sexting with someone you recently met on Facebook or Instagram, don’t quickly tell her that you’d “like to quickly slide their pants off” or you’d love to shove your “dick” up their mouth! If you start with a rapid-fire succession of sexts, the woman will likely not speak to you again!

And since it’s so hard to turn someone on in a flurry, especially through sexting, you need to know what you’re potential sexting partner likes, and doesn’t like, so that you won’t sound like a psycho.

Speak The Same Language

If you’re sexting someone younger than you (but please don’t sext with a minor!) make sure you learn about how they text and say things over the smart phone. There are a couple of guides online about the common texting phrases and acronyms currently in use.

Among the most commons sexting acronyms include IWSN – I Want Sex Now,  GNRN – Get Naked Right Now, GYPO – Get Your Pants Off, GNOC – Get Naked on Camera, CU46 – See You For Sex and RUH – Are You Horny. However, these and the other sexting acronyms, are only useful if both parties know what they mean!

Just like real-life dirty talk, sexting also follows the same set of rules or codes of conduct. It’s also a very fun way to raise sexual tension. However, you have to be very careful about going over the line, because one single mistake can either kill the mood, or lead to a lengthy prison sentence!

Perhaps you should start sexting your lovely and pretty Darwin Escorts first, so that you’ll get a good feel of how it’s done!

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