Darwin Escorts – Sex Positions That You Can Do Anywhere But the Bed
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Darwin Escorts – Sex Positions That You Can Do Anywhere But the Bed

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

I don’t blame those who think that adventurous sex is a little overrated, because perhaps they feel that it’s too much to put in all this effort for a questionable outcome. However, there are still a lot of real good reasons to get outside your sex comfort zone (Read: the bedroom) every once in a while, because newness is hot! Here are a couple of sex positions that you can do anywhere but the bed.

Frog Leap
Here’s one truly unique sex position that you can try out with your hookup buddy, or with your favourite Darwin Escorts anywhere but the bed, and it’s called the Frog Leap (Because it somehow resembles a frog’s stance!).

The ladies can actually modify this one by dropping down to their knees if their arms get tired, and spread their legs wider for maximum satisfaction. If it’s not a totally spontaneous romp, it helps to bring towels or blankets to be placed under your lady’s knees!

Modified Standing Cunnilingus
This unique sex position is actually all about communication, and letting your lover know how you liked to be pleasured. For example, if the top partner is on the edge of a kitchen counter, the ladies can modify by putting their legs over the guy’s shoulder, while she’s being eaten out. She can also put her hand on his head and grind her pelvis to orgasm!

Stand and Carry
In this move, the standing partner will be doing most of the work in this position, but being in a pool will definitely ease some of that burden! Here’s a professional tip – The ladies should squeeze their vaginal walls tight and do Kegel exercises while their lover is thrusting, as this will add some tightness and pleasure for both partners!

Now, which of these truly unique, and perfect out-of-the-bedroom sex positions would you be willing to try out tonight (Or this weekend) with your girlfriend, or with the lovely and alluring Darwin Escorts?

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