Darwin Escorts – Reddit Survey Reveals What Women Hate Most About Guys in Bed
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Darwin Escorts – Reddit Survey Reveals What Women Hate Most About Guys in Bed

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For centuries (or ever since the world began) men and women have always had trouble seeing eye to eye on various issues, ranging from the mundane to the extra-complex. Thus, in the interest of seriously bridging the gap between the two sexes, popular US social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website Reddit asked a lot of women to reveal the things that the opposite sex does that bugs or pisses them off the most. Read more to find out what the Reddit survey reveals.

Ladies Hate it When Guys Send Them Unsolicited Dick Pics
Have you ever asked your girlfriend, hookup partners, or even you preferred Darwin Escorts on what they really hate most about guys in bed? Before the guys start boycotting Reddit, the survey proponents say that they’re not doing this because they hate all men, but they just wanted to let the guys know what the women truly feel.

Now, what’s on top of the list of the most annoying things guys do? Well, it actually includes sending unsolicited dick pics! The other nasty stuff which landed on the top five of the list includes overly complex facial hair, catcalling, comparing women to their ex-girlfriends, and using too much cologne!

What is the Worst Offense for Ladies?
For the Reddit survey proponents, although there were a range of responses, there was a common thread among some of the most popular answers, and all of these pointed to the fact that guys need to stop acting so impressed by their own penises!

Now what is the thing that guys do in bed which truly pisses off most women? Well, majority of women said it was “rubbing the clit like he was trying to start a fire”. Many ladies also hate it when their guy posts their nude photos publicly, because the lady trusted the guy enough to send them sleazy photos. Thus, if guys post these sensitive pics publicly, then most ladies would likely hate them to the heavens, and consider them the scum of the earth!

Now that you have an idea of the stuff guys do in bed that women really hate, perhaps the next time you should be more sensitive to the feelings of your hookup partner, as well as that of your favourite Darwin Escorts!

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