Darwin Escorts - Post-Sex Cuddling, And Its Wide Array Of Benefits
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Darwin Escorts – Post-Sex Cuddling, And Its Wide Array Of Benefits

Darwin EscortsIf you love hugging, kissing and fondling right after sex, be very happy. Why? Because there are a lot of health and wellness benefits to “spooning”, or “post-sex cuddling”.  According to a study published in the journal Archive of Sexual Behaviour, couples who cuddle right after sex felt happier and more satisfied with their sex lives, as well as with their relationships. Spooning even mattered more to many couples, instead of foreplay or the duration of sex.  Here’s a look at the many wonderful perks of post-sex cuddling.

Couples Who Cuddle Feel Happier Than The Rest Who Don’t

A number of studies have noted the many benefits of spooning. In one study participated by 335 men and women, it was noted that couples who spent more time cuddling felt happier.  The happiness even extended past the post-sex spooning session. The next time you have sex with your spouse, or with young and lovely Darwin Escorts, make it a point to spend ample time cuddling and sharing your affection.

In another study that tracked the day-to-day habits of 101 couples, it was noted that those who constantly cuddled and shared their affection felt happier for longer periods. Some even noted that their post-sex highs lasted for as long as three months!

Post-Sex Cuddling Can Greatly Reduce Stress

Another great health benefit of cuddling, hugging and fondling after sex is that it considerably reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It further enhances the immune system. Researchers determined that cuddling is very beneficial to couples who have children.

Post-sex cuddling has been noted helpful at reducing blood pressure levels. It’s because hugging, kissing and other forms of touching can spike up oxytocin levels, called the “bonding” hormone. The rise in oxytocin levels helps reduce blood pressure, which in turn, greatly reduces the risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.

Spooning Helps Couples Communicate Better

Besides health benefits of post-sex cuddling, marriage and family therapists stress that cuddling is a very nice way of telling someone how you feel about him. It also allows couples to feel known by their partner, in so many ways that words cannot convey.

Just like eating chocolate or doing an intense 10-minute workout, spooning helps release lots of endorphins, or feel-good chemicals. Not only will these substances make you feel good, but, they’ll also make you feel sexy, and so pumped-up for your next bedroom trysts with your wife or hot and sultry Darwin Escorts.

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