Darwin Escorts – Never A Dull Moment
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Darwin Escorts – Never A Dull Moment

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

They agreed to drive up to his place, and while cruising down the road, his stunning date from one of those yummy Darwin Escorts, started to slide her hand up and down his thigh. It was as if she couldn’t wait to get to his apartment and be fucked. They almost rammed into the next car, had he not manoeuvred it expertly.

As soon as the door closed behind them, she pinned him against the wall, whispering to his ear, “We don’t have time to waste. Let’s get naked and have sex right here and now.” Before he can utter a word, she rammed her tongue halfway down his throat.

With scanty outfit, it took her lightning speed to undress, while he struggled stripping off as he was wearing several layers. Obviously, she was craving for him to ram his dick inside of her by what she was saying, “Give it to me hard lover boy.”

When was the last time he had it in a standing position? Well, quite a long time, so he was sort of scrambling a bit just to get his boner into her slit. And when he succeeded, she shrieked as though she was already orgasming!

The feel of her wet pussy was like heaven and he relished the moment. Nonetheless, she felt a little impatient and wanted it to be more dynamic. Without batting an eyelash, her hands grabbed his butt cheeks then began to grind his member at the same time, poking her tongue inside his mouth.

He loved the feel of knowing that orgasm was near and when he blasted his load – boy, did she catch all of them down her throat! She literally sucked him dry, savoured every last drop from his sturdy shaft.  

The night was still young but it seems his ladylove wants to be on the go every single minute. All throughout the shenanigan, she had her arse slapped, her tits clipped and his 4 digits all rammed up in her honeypot. It’s as if there was no more tomorrow!

They did as much positions all in one night – on the floor, in the shower, doggy-style and before the sun was up, they completed it with 69, to make the most of time; true to the saying, “with 69, half the time, double the fun.”

So, if you’re looking to experience something wild and torrid like that, make it a point to hire one of those fabulous Darwin Escorts. There’s never a dull moment with them!

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