Darwin Escorts - More Jaw-dropping Facts About Jelqing
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Darwin Escorts – More Jaw-dropping Facts About Jelqing

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Of the many topics about the penis, perhaps one of the most intriguing, or the most mystifying, is one called “Jelqing”. Why? Because this practice promises that you will “add” inches to your penis through a very specific technique that is not doctor-approved, and for many men definitely not safe, especially if you are not sure what you’re doing. But then again, here are more jaw-dropping and interesting facts about jelqing.

What’s It About

Looking to enhance your performance in bed, to the delight of ladies as hot and sizzling as the Darwin Escorts? Perhaps you should take a look at jelqing, although I’d rather advise you to proceed with caution, and ask for suggestions or recommendations from your doctor first!

According to sex experts, jelqing is defined as “a method of penis enlargement where the person massages, pulls and stretches the penis to have it engorged with blood, in the hopes that it enlarges the penis overall”.

Some health and sex experts say that jelqing is a shaft-stroking exercise which causes micro-tears in the penis tissue. It involves using a firm, stroking motion to force nutrient-rich blood into the penis, while also stretching it to increase penis size.

What’s the Proper Jelqing Method?

When it comes to talk about the “proper” jelqing technique, some sex experts say that first you should apply high-quality water-based lube to your penis. Next, make an “Okay” sign with a thumb and a forefinger on your right hand.

Next, squeeze your shaft at the very base of the penis, and while keeping pressure by your left hand, you need to slide it gradually to the corona of your glans. The movement should be gradual, and takes you between 2 to 3 seconds. Do not force it, do not “jelq” your glans and please stop if you notice any significant discomfort.

Your left hand should follow and repeat the process from the second step, and continue switching your hands for around 50 times. If you’re doing this with a partner, well the good thing is that you can take turns!


And although I’m not totally endorsing this method, at least I’m letting you folks know that there’s a process called Jelqing, one which promises optimal perks for you and your favourite Darwin Escorts (Just make sure you talk to your doctor first if it’s safe to do!)

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