Darwin Escorts - Millennials Have a Serious Dilemma When Picking Between Sex and Food, New Study Says
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Darwin Escorts – Millennials Have a Serious Dilemma When Picking Between Sex and Food, New Study Says

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

If you were made to choose between sex and food, which item would you choose first? Well, I guess most of the men would choose sex, while majority of the ladies would pick food first! However, a recent study notes that a lot of people today (Mostly millennials) are divided on just that topic, because sex feels great and food tastes great too, and both can make you feel satisfied too.

More Millennial Women Prefer Food Over Sex

If I asked you point-blank to choose if you’d prefer eating a juicy piece of steak, to a round of hot erotic action with the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts, which would you choose? Well, I guess you’d go for these hot ladies first!

But according to a new survey conducted by marketing firm Havas Worldwide, a surprising number of millennials choose food over sex when asked to pick between the two. The survey began by asking if food could be as pleasurable as sex, to which 54% of the total millennial-aged respondents said yes!

The study team then asked the men and women if they would rather have sex, or have a delicious meal at a restaurant.  Around 26% of men opted for the food, while 46% of the women opted for the meal. Oh my goodness, looks like the guys could be replaced by an entrée at their nearest restaurant!

Millennials Are Obviously Food Obsessed

And based on the recent Havas worldwide survey, a large number of millennials are admittedly so food obsessed, and many list their past times to include “Instagramming” meals, taking in food-centric television, getting hyped to go grocery shopping, and even reading breakfast websites for fun.

Around 53% of 18-34 year olds polled by the survey firm also said that eating at restaurants was their most preferred activity, with grocery shopping the second top activity. I guess you’re feeling blessed that you’re not a millennial (Or you don’t think like them!) because you still prefer getting it on with ladies as hot and sexy as the Darwin Escorts!


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