Darwin Escorts – If You're Trying to Get the Girl, Don't Do Any of These
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Darwin Escorts – If You’re Trying to Get the Girl, Don’t Do Any of These

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Darwin Escorts

Men and women see things differently, so it’s no surprise that what may be romantic for you may actually be creepy for her. The lovely vixens at Darwin Escorts are trained to disregard such behaviour in favour of building the girlfriend experience properly. But what about those times you’re not with one of them?

There’s nothing wrong with showing a gorgeous babe that you really like her, but when it makes her feel like she has a stalker, then your chances with her go way down. So what are those moves that ladies find too aggressive, and how can you be more subtle?

1. Excessive calls. The quickest way to get the girl you like to turn around and leave is to call her all the time. Wanting to let her know you’re thinking of her is all well and good, but calling her first thing in the morning and every hour or so after that is going overboard.

The same goes for texting her too much, especially when you know she’s working and likely unable to reply. Constant texting for a short period of time each day – after work, for example – is fine. But do it practically all day, every day, and she’ll want to get away. Let the relationship grow, but don’t force it to by way of asking your crush every question imaginable.

2. Too many compliments. All women love to be told how they look great, beautiful, sexy, and so on. But if you tell her she’s gorgeous practically every minute, you’ll just sound like a broken record. She does want to get compliments, but not all the time. Especially if it’s starting to sound like you’re just saying them because you know they’re what she wants to hear.

3. Wanting to hang out constantly. Looking for someone to spend time with after work or when you’ve got nothing to do is natural. But when you start asking her to the coffee shop every afternoon or to dinner and a film every weekend, it can start getting creepy for her. Plan to hang out when you can, but don’t try to fill up her schedule with dates. Give her some space to breathe, too.

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