Darwin Escorts – Hollywood Celebrities Who Unabashedly Talk About Sex
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Darwin Escorts – Hollywood Celebrities Who Unabashedly Talk About Sex

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Yeah, we all know that sex sells. But in these times where sexual harassment accusations and lawsuits are the news of the day, no thanks to guys like Harvey Weinstein and the others, sometimes it’s quite hard to de-stigmatise sex and promote sexual confidence across the spectrum. But hey, thankfully here are a couple of famous Hollywood personalities who are doing their part to freely talk about sex, and are eventually promoting sexual confidence across the board.

Eva Longoria
I bet your hookup buddies, as well as your favourite Darwin Escorts, know who Eva Longoria is, apart from her being the former love interest of NBA player Tony Parker. Well, Ms. Longoria believes that sex is a natural expression and should be enjoyed, and self-pleasure certainly falls under that umbrella!

Ms. Longoria notes that “I didn’t begin enjoying sex until I started masturbating”. She further added that “It’s a shame I didn’t discover it sooner”! Well, perhaps everyone should follow Ms. Longoria’s lead!

Miley Cyrus
Who doesn’t know who Miley Cyrus is? The fact the Miley Cyrus discusses sex and sexuality in a frank and unapologetic manner likely surprises no one. Well, you have got to admire her honesty and frankness, and her sexiness too, when she said “Everything that’s legal, I’m down with it”.

Cameron Diaz
In Vogue’s Ageless Style issue in 2010, Cameron Diaz made it clear that what keeps her young, or her fountain of youth, is exercise, a healthy diet, lots of water and lots of – sex! She further adds that “Yes, sex, we need that as human beings, (because) it’s healthy, it’s natural and it’s what we are here to do”!

Zoe Saldana
For the Guardians of the Galaxy star, her sex life is considered an open book. In fact, in a TV interview, she said that “I like missionary, and I like being on my knees, and I love being on top too”.

Wow, I guess you hookup buddies, and even your favourite Darwin Escorts, greatly admire these lovely, and truly frank, Hollywood celebrities too!

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