Darwin Escorts – Fluid, Free-flowing Facts About "Sexual Fluidity"
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Darwin Escorts – Fluid, Free-flowing Facts About “Sexual Fluidity”

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No matter how “fixed” you may think your own sexual orientations are, sex experts and psychologists suggest that most women (and men too) are sexually fluid to some extent, even if it’s still unexplored! The experts define sexual fluidity simply as “situation-dependent flexibility in a person’s (mostly women) sexual responsiveness. Here are a couple more fluid, free-flowing facts about sexual fluidity.

Your Sexual Fluidity Represents Your Capacity for Change
Ask your hookup partners, as well as your preferred Darwin Escorts if they’re familiar with terms like sexual fluidity, because if they say yes, then good for them. But if they say no, perhaps after reading this, you’d now be able to give them a brief yet eye-opening pep talk about the subject!

According to a number of sex experts, sexual fluidity represents the degree to which that pattern is susceptible to periodic, and possibly temporary, changes due to contextual factors like a specific relationship.

In other words, your sexual orientation represents your general pattern of attraction, and your fluidity also represents your capacity for change. The experts also add that not all individuals are highly fluid, as some are more fluid than others, which indicates that you can have all possible combinations from stable lesbians to fluid lesbians, to stable heterosexuals and fluid heterosexuals!

Sexual Fluidity Is Not the Same as Bisexuality
Most people often associate or link sexual fluidity with bisexuality. However, the sex experts say this is not the case, as a bisexual orientation is an orientation that involves sexual attractions to both individuals.

On the other hand, when a “fluid” heterosexual or gay individual experiences periodic bisexual attractions, this does not suddenly transform into a bisexual attraction, because their underlying pattern hasn’t changed. In contrast, men and women who have bisexual orientations always experience bisexual attractions!

So what are the perfect examples of sexual fluidity? Well here are a few samples: Heterosexual men who have a fetish for lesbian porn, and straight women who want to experiment with same-sex partnerships!

But then I guess since you have no questions about your sexuality, you too have no qualms in having as much fun time in bed with ladies as hot and sexy as the Darwin Escorts!

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