Darwin Escorts – Fast, Frisky Facts on What's It Like to be "Demisexual"
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Darwin Escorts – Fast, Frisky Facts on What’s It Like to be “Demisexual”

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If you think that everyone is into casual sex hookups today, think again. In fact, there are a number of people who prefer having an emotional connection with someone before a physical one, and these people identify themselves as “demisexual”! The guys and girls who identify as demisexual further explain that they need to feel a strong connection with someone in order to feel sexual attraction to them at all. Here are more fast, frisky facts on what’s it like to be “demisexual”.

Demisexuality Falls on the Asexuality Spectrum

According to experts from the Demisexuality Resource Center, demisexuality falls on the asexuality spectrum, where asexuality is defined as “having no interest in sex, or at least very little”. However, demisexuals are also very capable of sexual attraction but only in specific circumstances, and not on a regular basis. But if your urge for sex is as always on a regular basis, who’s stopping you from dating the hot and sensuous Darwin Escorts!

Demisexuality is also referred to as “semisexuality” as well as “grey sexuality. The term was believed to have first come into public existence during the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network forum in February 8, 2006.

What’s it Like to Be One?

So what’s it really like to be demisexual? According to psychologists and sex experts, demisexuality is all about desire and arousal, and not just sex and who you do it with. However, this does not entirely mean that a demisexual is only interested in having sex with the people they love, but they also feel a complete absence of desire or sexual feelings toward everyone else.

And while most men and women start to feel sexual attraction to others at around puberty, demisexuals do not, and they can often feel left out as their friends and peers start having crushes, and start fantasizing about sex too. But as they start growing older, they soon realize that they’re different from the rest, and thus start to value, and cherish, their asexuality

However, if your sexual orientation is as normal, and as active, as any ordinary bloke out there, then what’s stopping you from enjoying a date with the lovely and hot Darwin Escorts?

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