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Darwin Escorts – Erotic Roleplay Ideas

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When it comes to sexual experimentation, erotic role play is one of the hardest aspects, but it’s very fulfilling when you can pull it off. The sexy babes featured in the pages of Darwin Escorts are no strangers to experimentation in the bedroom, including role play. So if you’re short of ideas for your next roll in the hay, here are some of their favourite scenarios to play out.

1. Cop and thief. Either of you can play the cop, as long as the thief does what they can to worm their way out of being charged with whatever crime you can think up. This scenario can become pretty hot when you think of the handcuffs as props – it’s up to you whether you use them or not. Whatever the thief thinks of to avoid the charge, it’s also up to them.

2. Ghostly threesome. Some escorts are fine with you engaging two of them at once – and even your partner might be up for this if they like the idea of threesomes. The idea here is to have a make-out session with the ‘ghost’ looking on, and doing whatever they like to the other two. Since you can’t see the ghost, the partners can blame each other for the groping.

You’d be surprised at how creative things can get when you’re on the outside looking in, and you’re trying to get a piece of the action for yourself.

3. Boarding school. There are some boarding schools that used punishments now considered extreme. Like with the “cop and thief” idea, either of you can play the erring student and the disciplinarian.

There are many sexy possibilities with this idea. One can tie the willing victim to a chair and have your way with them, or simply pleasure them while denying release up to a certain point.

4. Interrogation. This may sound hardcore for some, so it’s fine if this isn’t quite your cup of tea. Whoever the interrogator and the prisoner is, the idea is to tease the ‘victim’ to arousal without letting them release, while trying to pry information – say, a particular card in a deck – from them. As with other scenarios, use your imagination.

There are other scenarios you can try, and the gorgeous courtesans at Darwin Escorts will be willing to play along with any of them. Just browse the gallery today!

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