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Darwin Escorts – Delivering Intense Pleasures You Thought Were Impossible

Great pleasures can be achieved by anyone who will really set their mind to it. There’s a saying that goes; everything is impossible until it eventually happens. With that, the life you’re living right now, at some point in your past, used to be impossible but here it is now, unveiling before you. And so, you shouldn’t be so quick to assume the entire impossibility of something…

Sexy Darwin EscortsThe featured courtesans of Darwin Escorts are one of those girls of nature who fulfill sexual fantasies that you thought would only exist in your imaginations…

The beats thrummed through the entire club which made it hard to hear anything else. The only senses that we could use were our eyes and touch. We were dancing passionately with the music, letting go of our built up stress and having fun for once. Our bodies were touching and my hands caressing every part of her. This is the first time I’ve gone out with someone that’s purely transactional but it didn’t even play on my mind. I was really enjoying myself with this cheeky vixen that was keen on grinding her luscious body against my willing physique.

I never thought such day would come when someone would actually feel me in public, but this naughty girl did, and right in front of the people surrounding us in the dance floor. Her gentle hands rubbed my erection intensely while she gives me a flirtatious smirk.

My urges were going wild and I began feeling her breasts, they were so soft and vulnerable under my touch. The sheer excitement of trying to be covert and playful at the same time was over exciting. Grabbing the back of neck, she looked me in the eyes and kissed me deliciously. My heart was racing, so I pushed her away and yanked her out of the packed crowd, away from the dance floor. My head was swimming and my cock was throbbing. I was desperate to hear her moan with intense pleasure.

Leaving the club and going to my SUV, I pushed her on the back seat and followed as I closed the door. I pulled down her tube dress to reveal her plump breasts with nipples so hard from excitement. I then asked her to kneel down on all fours and pulled her G-string to the side. My hard cock slide inside her wet and already dripping pussy…

She was so warm and tight that I couldn’t suppress the groan that I gave out. This sex kitten started to tell me how horny she was for me, as I thrust her with force. We didn’t care if people saw my car sway back and forth, that was the last thing on our minds.  I just wanted to push myself deep and hard inside of her.

We continued for a while with the doggy position and shifted to her riding me. This vixen is just intoxicating. My hands were under her breasts feeling them bounce as she moved up and down on my hard dick. We didn’t last that long as I heard her reach climax first, then I followed when her walls deliciously contracted, tightening around my cock even more… We sat there breathless and smiling… Few moments later, I hit the driver’s seat and sped towards my house for round two…

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