Darwin Escorts - A Sleazebag's Guide To The Best Jobs That Can Get You Laid
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Darwin Escorts – A Sleazebag’s Guide To The Best Jobs That Can Get You Laid

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Fresh outta high school or college, and looking for a job? Well, if your job search goes more than just getting the right pay, but in terms of giving you the best opportunity to find pretty girls, and get laid, here’s a quick guide to the best jobs that can give you the most chances of enjoying the best sex of your working life!

Architect & Librarian
Who ever thought that being a librarian was ever fun and exciting, in terms of getting laid? Who knows, perhaps you should ask your hookup partners, or even your favourite Darwin Escorts if they had the hots for male librarians in their school or college before! Well, librarians have lots of secret spaces to hide in public libraries, where they could do all sorts of sleazy stuff with their ladies, as long as they look hot!

Well, architects are likely to get laid a lot too, because they’re paid really well, and they get the chance to do ocular visits to “project sites” with their lovely female clients!

Bartender & Hotel Concierge
The hotel, restaurant and travel industry is also one sector that provides lots of well-paying jobs, and lots of opportunities for sleazy guys to find lots of horny female guests too! If you choose to work as a hotel concierge, this means you’ll have the keys to everybody’s room, and perhaps their panties too!

As for bartenders, well your workstation will also likely be surrounded by drunk and pretty single women who are looking to mingle, and do something else after all that drinking!

Pilot/Flight Attendant
The airline industry is one truly vibrant and well-paying sector, with the boom in global tourism. And with the jaunty cap and mile high club, there are just a lot of sleazy reasons why you should want to fly the extra-friendly and sleazy skies too!

Delivery Boy
Now who says being a delivery boy is a lousy, dead-end job? If you look and smell good, and you got great manners too, it’s likely that you’ll meet lots of hot ladies when you do the rounds. Who knows, you could drop by the house of your favourite Darwin Escorts too!

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