Darwin Escorts - A Much Better Way To Dispose Of Condoms (Not Into The Toilet Bowl)
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Darwin Escorts – A Much Better Way To Dispose Of Condoms (Not Into The Toilet Bowl)

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

After an exhilarating round of sex, you automatically roll off your hook-up partner then roll out of bed. Finding no trash bin around, you head to the bathroom then flush the condom down the toilet. And you think that was the right thing to do? Nope, that wasn’t.

Sure, the sleazy lady from Darwin Escorts you have just made love to, does understand that protection is for the both of you to avoid transmitting and acquiring sexual infections (though we know you both are ‘clean’) and for others, to prevent unexpected pregnancy. But, flushing the rubber into the toilet after the lovin’? Bad behaviour!

How To Dispose Of Condoms Properly

Sex experts has this to say to every person who uses a condom- wrap it in tissue paper then, throw it away in the bin. That’s how simple it is to dispose of rubbers. Why the fuss about where to throw it and how? Simple, man! Because flushing it down the toilet destroys the environment. Wait…what?

According to a marine biologist by the name of Tom Hird, popularly known as ‘The Blowfish’, whether you like it or not, all contents of our toilets pour out into the ocean in the long run. Only biological organic matters break down and stuff such as condoms and similar items cannot be decomposed and broken down easily by nature’s recycling pathways.

How can that be when condoms come from rubber trees? Certainly, the main ingredient of a condom is latex, the milky substance that drips when the rubber tree trunk is scored. But even with that, condoms don’t biodegrade easily in the waters, says Hird, who is at the same time, the Marine Conservation Society’s ambassador.

The chemicals added to the latex have to do why penis sheaths are semi-biodegradable, These chemicals strengthen and prolong the rubbers’ shelf life. Hence, you’d notice that condoms don’t break easily (unless you puncture them deliberately), and they have expiry dates, too. But anyway, experts estimate that it takes around 30 years before condoms break down totally in the seas.

So, when you flush it down the john, your sheath travels a long way together with other wastes and could be washed up ashore in some beach resorts, still intact. Or if not, aquatic animals might mistake it for food and gobble it up. And when fishermen catch the fish and sell them in supermarkets, people buy and eat them.

But sadly, some fish don’t make it to the markets. They die of poisoning along the way (the waters more precisely). And when their innards are inspected, plastics are found and for sure, some bits of a condom. Nonetheless, Hird assures that when disposed of on land, condoms have better chances of degrading properly.

Why Recycling Condoms Is Not A Good Idea Either

On the other hand, experts don’t advice people to reuse condoms. Instead, they recommend fresh ones for every sexual encounter. When a condom has been used, it is not to be washed and used again as some people are doing.

Why not advisable? Because condoms are designed to be used only once, and then disposed of. Used condoms tend to get weak, tear, split. Any traces of bodily fluid left inside even after washing won’t spare you from getting an infection. Besides, the cleaning agent you use might give you allergies and irritate your genitals. The sultry Darwin Escorts won’t like that either.

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