Darwin Escorts - 6 Things That Ladies Do Right Before Sex But Never Admit To
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Darwin Escorts – 6 Things That Ladies Do Right Before Sex But Never Admit To

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

How nice it would be if spontaneous sex happened in real life like the way it did in the movies? While most of us would love to start ripping our clothes off in a moment of passion and get right into it without too much stress, the truth is that many of us have a lot of pre-sex rituals that complete happen care-free, and most of us don’t even admit to doing it! Just take a look the lovely ladies, for here are a couple of things that they do right before sex, but never admit to.

Consider Doing Something Drastic Down Below

Ask your girlfriend, hookup partner, or even your favourite Darwin Escorts (but in a nice way), if they ever think of doing something drastic down below after sex. Well, you’d perhaps be surprised if most of them will admit to using sprays, douches or anything just to make sure they’re fresh and clean down there!

Mentally Check Whether She’s Used Their Birth Control As Directed

Even if your lady partner considers herself the most meticulous person ever, the impending sex would most likely set her mind into overdrive (as well as into temporary paranoia about missing her birth control pills!).

Give Herself a Pep Talk in the Bathroom Mirror

Whether your girlfriend or hookup buddy admits this, the truth is that most ladies out there look at the mirror in the bathroom, and tell themselves that they’re sexy, and it about to knock some serious headboard!

Guard What She Eats All Day Pre-Sex

If your lady knows that it’s going to get very “busy” tonight, she’d most likely avoid gas-inducing and high-sodium food and drinks, if only to give her peace of mind when the time comes!

Do Smell Checks Everywhere

While men are not too keen about how their body smells, the women on the other hand have truly high standards when it comes to body odour and cleanliness in general!

Give Herself a Thorough Inspection Down There

While women generally know rationally that their vulva is going to look exactly the same as it did last time, but if someone is going to get busy down there, they’re definitely going to give it a final inspection before he does! Perhaps if you let your hookup buddies, as well as the sexy Darwin Escorts, read this, perhaps they’d be laughing their butts off!

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