Darwin Escorts – 4 Things That Matter More to Women Than Penis Size
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Darwin Escorts – 4 Things That Matter More to Women Than Penis Size

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

There are a lot of things that the women don’t understand about men. For starters, men often fuss and care so much about how big, small or medium their penis is, when the truth is that the ladies don’t give that much of a f_ck about it! Here’s a look at a couple of things that matter more to women than penis size.

His Opinions on Political Issues

You might think that talking about politics and social issues can be boring at times, and it can kill the mood for sex too, especially when you’re with ladies as hot and sexy as the Darwin Escorts. However, the truth is that many women today have the hots for men who are adept and skilled at talking about politics, and other realities of life! So, are you #WithHer, or do want to Make America Great Again?!

How Nice the Guy is to Her Friends

Most ladies often would like to make sure that her friends like who she likes, or else it may never work out! But honestly, most women would like to gauge how nice a guy is to her friends!

What He Smells Like

Do you smell like a dog? Or do you smell like you’ve just gotten out of a sewer? If you smell just fine, then I guess you won’t have any problems with the ladies. So, if you want to smell nice and pleasing always, take a bath regularly, as well as brush and floss your teeth!

How Good He is at Maintaining Eye Contact

If your eyes are only staring, and are so focused, at the lady’s breasts, or her butt, perhaps she would not like this, because when she’s looking at your eyes (and not at your crotch region) she says that she wants to have intimate conversations!

How Well His Pants Fit

When the lady in the bar, or even your favourite Darwin Escorts, are checking out how well your pants fit, they’re not actually trying to get a glimpse at your crotch, but because they want to know that you can shop for yourself like a real adult!

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