Darwin Escorts - 4 Things About Sex That Guys Get Way Too Hyped About
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Darwin Escorts – 4 Things About Sex That Guys Get Way Too Hyped About

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Whether you like the idea or not, a lot of men today who are not solely focused on their orgasm think that they are a “feminist gift to all women”, and low-key these guys believe that they all deserve a pat on the back for every good sex deed they perform! Here’s a look at a couple of sex things that a lot of men today get way too hyped about.

Being Cool With His Lady Partner’s Pubic Hair Situation
Some guys think that it’s just so cool to be accepting of their female partner’s hygiene, or how “hairy” or “un-hairy” their pubic region is down below. Well, the truth is that any girl out there, perhaps including your favourite Darwin Escorts, will tell you that “none of this is for you, and none of it requires your commentary or approval”!

Letting Ladies Know It’s OK If They Don’t Want to Give Them a Blow Job
Some guys will go to great lengths just to let their lady know that “it’s okay” if they don’t want to give them a blow job (and they expect her to turn around and go down on them afterward!). According to one lady we interviewed, she said “yeah obviously it’s okay for me to never do anything I don’t want to do, but thanks for the permission”!

When The Girl Asks What He likes, and He Says “I Like whatever You Like”
Instead of sounding like a kiss-ass of sorts to ladies, why don’t you say “I just like turning you on”? And the truth is that most women would prefer that the guy directly tell them what he likes, so that the experience can be enjoyable for both partners.

The Guy Goes Down on Her for Around 15 Seconds
If you’ve just realized that oral sex truly feels so amazing for most women, just because you did the barest minimum of oral sex required to look generous, don’t start acting like you’re “god’s gift to women”! If you’re really going down on her, then go down for real, and make it count!

If you think you deserve the Nobel Prize because you just gave your girlfriend, or your favourite Darwin Escorts a few bedroom compliments, wake up and get a reality check! Instead of just making her feel good, so that she could return the favour to you, why don’t you focus on satisfying her for real in bed!

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